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It has been another busy month for the artists within the studios - we would normally expect some kind of summer slow down, but as yet there has been little sign of slacking off. That is unless you count the emergence of a studio table-tennis league as a signal of slacking off

Lynn Parotti's show at the Chelsea Arts Club garnered two bits of press; one in the Ham & High (opposite as Lynn's paintings were largely in response to Hampstead Heath) and the second was published in Lloyds List.

Belinda Eade has also received a lot of press recently - I'm catching up with the Country Life piece from earlier in the year and she is profiled in the August issue of House and Garden - for the real magazine anoraks out there (and I count myself as one) she is also mentioned in the specialist publication Grottoes.

Regent's Park is currently playing host to a joint exhibition featuring studio artist Sean Henry alongside the Russian artist Unus Safardin; the exhibition Gate of Multiplicity is within the Inner Circle of Regent's Park until November 27th.

Sean also appeared on Channel 4 News talking about the Newbiggin Couple commission. The interview features Sean in his studio but also in Liverpool where the sculpture is being constructed.

Also out and about in the Capital is the exhibition of Tommy Penton's 10ft Gibson guitar for the Gibson Guitar Town London exhibition which occupies the space around the Mayor of London's Office City Hall on the Southbank until the end of August. Tommy's piece is to be signed by Keane - though quite what the connection between Tommy's piece and their music is is anyone's guess.

Summer Flaunt: The Art Movement An Exhibition of Our Leading Artists is the snappy title of an exhibition at The Art Movement's gallery at 29 Palace Street, SW1 which opened on June 22nd and runs until August 31st and features Cristina Rodriguez.


If you are a fan of Zakee Shariff's design your ship has just come in. If you log on to the US Coca-Cola store you can now purchase the following Zakee Shariff items: entrée plate, tote bag, oversized throw pillow, magazine holder, file box, key chain, cereal bowl, beach towel and many others including a boyfriend pillow (or, as Zakee and Al have recently got married, maybe that should be husband pillow.)

Kate Gibb has joined the world of blogdom. In addition her recent work for both The Chemical Brothers and Cherry Ghost has recently received a lot of coverage in the press and an animated of her Chemical Brothers work is also being shown on TV.

Gordon Langley has exploded his own head. As unlikely as this seems here is the evidence... His wide and far-reaching talents also extend to writing music and dj-ing. The former of these skills can be found in the pieces that he has written for his friend Daniel Florencio's films - you can watch Daniel's films and listen to Gordon's tracks here.

Claudia Carr has work in a group show at the Jason McCoy Gallery on East 57th Street in New York entitled Options Within Realism.

In Miami, Blue Curry has work in a group show at the Diaspora Vibe Gallery entitled Work! The exhibition runs from August 9th through to September 22nd. The show is curated by Rosie Gordon-Wallace in connection with PopopStudios in the Bahamas.


Matt Booth & Bevan Roper have recently completed the design of 2 events: the preview event for the Summer Exhibition at the RA and the launch of Justin Timberlake's clothing range, William Rast, at Harvey Nichols, for which they worked in collaboration with graphic artist Mr. Pinks.

David Worthington has a piece of work in an exhibition at Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury - home of the "naked gardeners". If you check out the garden's website you can either choose to visit on a "clothes optional" day... or not. The exhibition is organised by the Royal Society of British Sculptors and also features work by Julian Wild (husband of Mary Grant.)


The summer of group shows continues at Studio 1.1 on Redchurch Street, E1 whose show Abstract Continuous features work by David Ben White. David's work can also be seen at the Burlington Club until mid August in his show The New Frontier.


And finally... he's been out of the red-tops for at least a month but now Will Borrell is back. Everyone's favourite japester is back via the medium of facebook/myspace/social networking sites.


all work images shown remain the copyright of the respective author