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The season of Summer Events at Great Western Studios is nearly over - Peachy continues until June 16th. Each of the exhibitions has had a different emphasis and together provide the shows provide a brief snapshot of what is going on in the building mid way through 2007.

The first of the exhibitions was Behind Closed Doors, featuring work by Mole Browne, Liza Campbell, Julie Goldsmith, Natasha Laflin and Will Warbrick. The private view of that exhibition was also combined with an Open Studios Evening.

Following that exhibition was Great Western Studios: A History, a look at the history of the studios through photographs, press articles and exhibition invitations.

Peachy followed that; showcasing the work of Nick Dawes, Justin Hibbs, Katherine Lubar and David Ben White.

Emily Young wrote an article for New Scientist magazine to coincide with her exhibition at The Crypt at St. Pancras Parish Church and she also appeared on Radio 4's Woman's Hour talking about the process of making her work.

Melissa Hunt has an image of her A-Z cufflinks in this week's Time Out.

Slipmode are celebrating 5 years of their business and have re-designed their website to give an overview of the work that they undertake beyond the 'beats graphics motion' tagline.

Also moving further into the world of cyber-enterprise our ex-Great Westerners Folk who have launched an online shop. Their proper shop is also now open at 49 Lamb's Conduit Street - soon you won't be able to move for opportunities to buy their clothes and shoes.

Cristina Rodriguez is exhibiting work at AAF in New York with The Art Movement. The fair is on From June 13th - 17th.

Also in the USA, Neal Tait has a show at ACME in Los Angeles entitled Tambalamb, it runs from May 26th through to June 25th.  

Back on home soil Blue Curry and Steve Mepsted both have work in an exhibition titled Domesticalia which is taking place at the Standpoint Gallery in Shoreditch from June 27th - 30th.

Katherine Lubar is co-curating a show at the Vegas Gallery which runs from June 15th to July 15th and also includes work by Nick Dawes.

Thompson's Gallery in Marylebone is hosting an exhibition of new work by Paul Vanstone from June 13th to June 24th.

Beaux Arts on Cork Street currently has it's Summer Exhibition in the gallery which features work by Rachel Schwalm.  

The Ice House in Holland Park has in the past hosted exhibitions by studio artists Julie Goldsmith and Mary Kirk but for the period of June 16th to July 1st it is playing host to an exhibition of Anne Musso's ceramics from 11-7 every day.

Pixel Shake is an exhibition tha includes work by those who have recently completed the Computer Arts at Thames Valley University including David Worthington. The show is at Ada Street Gallery, E8 and is open from June 20th through to June 24th.

Sophie Smallhorn has recently completed a commission for the reception of a Derwent London property in Old Street

Finally you can still catch Lynn Parotti's show When The Bough Breaks at the Chelsea Arts Club until June 25th - she is having a (near) closing viewing of it on June 21st


all work images shown remain the copyright of the respective author