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Open Studios came and went in a blur. Thank you to everyone who came, we hope that you had a good time and that we will see you again before Christmas (for those who like to fill in their diaries way in advance the next Open Studios will be on December 6th & 7th). There will be photos of the event posted in the next blog entry - including documentation of the inaugural GWS dog show.

Sarah Graham's work cropped up in Gardens Illustrated's June issue over a 4 page feature. In a canny moment of inter studio professional relationships the photographs for the article were taken by Angelo Plantamura.

One time studio sharers Sarah Stitt and Liza Campbell both have exhibitions this month. Sarah's sabbatical to LA has been broken by her show at Long & Ryle in South Islip Street, SW1 and Liza's new show is a two person exhibition at Galerie Planet near Limoges where she is showing her collages.

Tate to Tate: A Walk Along London's South Bank is the title of Tommy Penton's first publication - out now in all good bookshops or available here, there and everywhere. Many years in the making Tommy's book falls into many categories; travel guide, graphic novel, illustration. The book is essentially one fold out image of the journey from Tate Britain to Tate Modern. Along this journey is the faithful depiction of the architectural sights of the North Bank of the Thames as well as a host of characters that wend their way throughout the book, some going West to East and others East to West so that you can read the book from fron t to back or vice versa. Published by Jonathan Cape on June 5th, Tommy is also preparing for an exhibition of the work together with an edition of hand bound, printed and numbered versions of the book which will be available at a solo exhibition in September (more details nearer the time). To promote the book Tommy appeared on London Live earlier in June talking to Robert Elms - if you scour the internet you can probably still hear it somewhere. On the associated interactive website you can also play a game to win copies of the book.

Part one of David Ben White's exhibition opened on June 5th - part 2 The Atom Page 2 - The Revenge of the Atom opens this week on June 19th at Studio 1.1, 57a Redchurch Street.

It is the end of the academic year and among those preparing for judgment day is Valerie Gladwin Montgomery who has been studying on a Post Foundation course at Kensington and Chelsea College. The end of year show opens this Thursday and runs until June 27th at The Hortensia Art Gallery, SW10.


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