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Pip Hackett's studio has been immortalised for posterity in the pages of a book called London Ateliers which is published by the Japanese publishing house, edition Paumes. There are 8 pages devoted to her, unusually tidy (!), studio and in a game of spot the other GWS artists present you may also find work by Sean Alexander, Alice Tait, Andy Bridge and Julie Goldsmith in the same pages. The book also features Jacqui Roche in her home studio. You can see more photos of the book on our blog, and If you want to get hold of the book itself, you can do so here.

Mary Grant has a solo exhibition at Buckley Fine Art in Co Cork. The show opens on Thursday March 19th and continues until April 12th and is titled Journey To Breara.

I have a backlog of Brickett Davda news that I have so far failed to get on to these pages so... here goes.

Two editions of Elle Decoration in a row have featured Jo's work, mostly on the back of her work for Toast, who have just launched their new 'house and home' range.

And... the work was featured in the ES magazine as well.

Justin Hibbs has work in a three man show that is currently on at the gallery One In The Other titled Recession+Aesthetics and curated by Sami Jalli. It runs until March 29th at 4 Vyner Street, E2.

Following on from her successful joint show with Paul Vanstone at St George's Wharf, Lynn Parotti has secured another show at The Avenue Restaurant on St James's Street, SW1. The exhibition is already up and runs through until April 30th.

Sandra Shashou also has a show of her work opening in the centre of town at Robert Sandelson at 5 Cork Street where she will be exhibiting new paintings.

Kate Gibb is featured in the current edition of idn magazine which is published in Hong Kong. The magazine is stocked by Magma books among others, but when I checked last wasn't yet in stock. In the meantime you can see Kate's entry on the magazine's blog.

Darren Almond's new exhibition in Berlin is his fifth solo show with Max Hetzler. Somewherestill is on from March 14th until April 25th and features fullmoon photographs that he took on a recent trip to the yellow mountains in China inspired by the scroll work paintings by Jiang Tao that were made in the mid 17th Century.

Lastly . . . as mentioned in last months news, here's the picture of Jo Ratcliffe's finished windows for Top Shop in London.


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