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The invitations for Open Studios are hot off the press and winging their way around the globe. If you know of someone who would like an invitation mailed to them then please let us know. The event has been featured in the Westminster Arts bulletin and also in the ResCard autumn edition – more press to come.

We also get our annual mention in the Time Out Shopping Guide; sandwiched this year between Frieze Art Fair and the Hidden Art Fair.

The New York Times recently ran a piece in their travel section about spending 36 hours in the Bahamas (as you do). One of their top tips was to go and see Blue Curry's work at the National Gallery in Nassau.


I missed this reportage off the October news by mistake – it was taken at the show Happy Days part curated by Katherine Lubar and featuring studio artists Nick Dawes and David Ben White.

New Works by Clare Parry, Yukako Shibata, Laura Green, Sarah Dwyer and Jo Chate held in the gallery space at Great Western Studios was also a roaring success. The photos though make it look as if no-one was there which is far from the reality of the night.

Sarah Dwyer's show Something there Somewhere opened on Tuesday this week and continues through to December 21st; the venue is The Gallery @ Adventure Ecology HQ, 125 Charing Cross Road.


Mat Sant's exhibition of his new work took place in the gallery at Great Western Studios last week. Phenomenally well attended, the show looked great and had a real buzz about it.


Tarka Kings works in the studio outpost but this month has a show of her work opening at the Fine Art Society. Leading up to this she has garnered 2 bits of press for the exhibition; one in Vogue and the other in Grove.

I have finally received delivery of the two copies of turps banana magazine I ordered an age ago... and it was worth it. Issue One features an article written by Neal Tait on Luc Tuymans and Issue Three has David Ben White interviewing Luc Tuymans. So... if you see the two of them together in the corridors of the studios you can probably make an educated guess as to what they are talking about.

Mary Grant is having a busy old time. She is off to Art Ireland for November 15th & 16th. After that she has a solo show at Mayer, Brown, Rowe and Moore and last month the Jill George gallery were exhibiting her work at the Toronto Art Fair.


At the risk of running with a generalisation, the Japanese love a bit of Zakee Shariff. So much so that Make Art Your Zoo created a temporary installation in Tokyo in her honour - it was actually more of a renegade-guerilla-stand-alone-store-type-thing. Had you been in Tokyo and entered the hallowed portals of the store and you could have bought more things bearing the Zakee Shariff hallmarks than you would have thought possible - tableware, clothes, toys, accessories, sneakers and clouds; ok, the clouds thing is a lie but I'm sure she's working on it.

Julie Goldsmith's show, Gas Lane, curated by the dynamic duo of Simon Dawe and Danny Wootton, at the Water Point was a blast.

The Diaspora Gallery are taking Lynn Parotti's work to Art Basel Miami which takes place from December 4th – 9th.

Our ex-pat artist in Houston, Gabriela Trzebinski, has work in a group show titled Little Known Facts at the Lawndale Art Center in Houston. The group exhibition opens on November 16th and runs until January 5th.


Lastly – as if there wasn't enough talent in the studios for Open Studios there are also our lovely guest exhibitors: Anna Steinberg, Mizuyo Yamashita, Emma-Kate Francis, Virginia Dorey, Vanessa Cohen and Huggermuggers.


all work images shown remain the copyright of the respective author