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Frieze and Zoo have just taken place. Several artists from the studios had work at the fairs including Darren Almond, Katy Moran, David Ben White, Jeremy Dickinson, Neal Tait, Katy Lynton & Justin Hibbs. Meanwhile The Affordable Art Fair gets underway this forthcoming weekend (October 19th - 22nd) in Battersea Park; Nicholas Bowlby is on stand number L14 and is showing work by Alex Uxbridge and Sandra Liccioni.

Running alongside the fairs are also several exhibitions. If you go along to Vyner Street in east London from this week you will be able to see 2 shows by Great Western artists. Katy Moran's show at Modern Art opened last week and Justin Hibbs' show at One in the Other opens this week on Wednesday.

Also opening last week was Simon Dawe's show 'Morning Well' (pictured) at The Waterpoint in King's Cross. The show is open until November 11th but you need to make an appointment to view. Alongside Simon's paintings are poems written by Benedict Newbery.

David Ben White's new show at Studio 1.1 opens next week on October 26th and runs for a month.There are also shows happening abroad this month for Darren Almond, Jeremy Dickinson, Elvan Erdin, Jacques Nazaire and Zakee Shariff.

Darren Almond's show at the Museum Folkwang in Essen opens on October 19th and runs until january 7th. If your German is up to scratch you can read more about it here.

Jeremy Dickinson's solo show is at Angles gallery in Los Angeles. Elvan Erdin has work in a group show in New York at Broadway Gallery, and Jacques Nazaire has work in a show at the Waldorf Astoria in New York at the end of October and then more work in a show in Beverley Hills at the start of November.

Zakee Shariff is collaborating on a show in Chicago at Hejfina with Cody Hudson - their show is titled 'we are running slightly blind'.

Katherine Lubar has work in a show in Brighton which runs until mid October at a new gallery called O Contemporary.  

In November Olivia Musgrave has a show of new work at John Martin in Chelsea which runs from the 9th to the 30th. More information about the show will be available later in the month by clicking here.  

Away from painting, Alice Tait recently got the covetable job of illustrating a new publication of 4 Nigel Slater books, these will be in the shops on November 4th.

Folk have had 2 recent bits of press - firstly in GQ Style and then also in the Observer magazine. Cathal Macateer, head honcho at Folk, has also been nominated for Scottish Designer of the Year at the Scottish Style Awards.  

And finally, the indominatable rise of Willy Borrell continues apace. He has just shot his fourth cover for Loud and Quiet magazine and has been passing on his styling wisdom to such musical luminaries as Hard-Fi, Razorlight and the Arctic Monkeys.  


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