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The October News from Great Western Studios will be the last written in the Lost Goods Building. In November we'll be moving in to the new purpose built Great Western Studios on Alfred Road. However, the artists are keeping busy all the way up to the move.

Estelle Thompson is having a solo exhibition at Purdy Hicks Gallery on South Bank until 9th November. She is also represented in a new Tate Britain/Tate Modern Booklet, Autumn 2009 Collection Highlights Guide with different artists giving their view on a piece of art in either of the museums. Estelle's contribution is about Kasimir Malevich's Dynamics of Suprematism which you can find at Tate Modern.

The cover of the November issue of Dazed & Confused and an article in the magazine features model/actress Lily Cole illustrated by Jo Ratcliffe.

Katy Moran is in two shows during October/November. She is having a solo show at Modern Art, 16th October to 14th November. Katy will also be part of a group show, Visible Invisible: Against the Security of the Real, at Parasol Unit that runs from 25th November to 7th February 2010.

Pip Hackett has launched a new website for her fabulous hats, One of them could also be seen in the September Issue of Italian Vogue.

John Martin Gallery is hosting Olivia Musgrave's exhibition The Seven Deadly Sins, showing her bronze sculptures from 5th to 28th of November.

Blue Curry's degree show has been ranked as one of the top ten this year by former Editor of Art Review, Catriona Warren. She is particularly impressed with Blue's bull shark jaw from which 567 hours' worth of shiny cassette tape pools on the floor. You can read more at murmurART.

Both Cristina Rodriguez, represented by The Art Movement and Jan Coutts, represented by Quantum Contemporary Art, were part of the Art London Fair which was on 8-12th October at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Jan is also exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair, at Battersea Park, 22nd - 25th October and at a charity event for Art of Giving at The Queen's Elm Gallery, running from 15th to 18th of October.

Cristina Rodriguez is also showing her work at the exhibition Imaginary Journeys at Museum of the Estense Castle in Ferrara, Italy between the 24th October and 1st November as well as participating in Westminster Arts Open Exhibition at the SW1 Gallery. Also exhibiting are Catherine Parkinson, Laura Jacobs and Yukako Shibata.


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