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Like swallows migrating to North Africa, Great Western Studios is once again home to artists returning to their roosts.

Roger, the unofficial studio mascot, made an appearance in the Sunday Telegraph magazine courtesy of Alice Alexander née Tait.

Though the caption might explain why walking past studio 6, let alone entering it, is something of a risky pastime.

We've blogged to death about the ever expanding Tate to Tate Tommy Penton project, but... the exhibition that he had was really good, attracted a galaxy of GWS residents and featured in the London press.

A couple of nights before Tommy's show was Kate Gibb's joint show with James Brown at the Ada Street Gallery . She's also been hitting the press with a commission for the Guardian Guide.

If the past month seems to have been the apex of Tommy and Kate activity then this forthcoming month might be the same for Jan Coutts. She has a solo show with Quantum Art on Cork Street from September 16th-20th and she has work at Art London (October 1st - 6th).

Brickett Davda's work is being stocked by Toast again this season; which is handy as Toast appeared in the shortlist for Elle Decoration's British Design Awards; highlighting Jo's ceramics as one of the products that earned them their nomination.

Laura Green's exhibition at ArtSway opens on September 20th and runs until November 16th - the exhibition is the result of her winning the ArtSway Open last year.

Pete Gleadall and Tom Stephan's Phreekn release made it to number 1 in the Buzz Chart.

The Kensal Rise glitterati (if this isn't an oxymoron) were out in force for Liza Campbell's show at 118 College Road. Somebody was taking photographs to document the proceedings so I will try to unearth the evidence for next month's newsletter.

David Ben White's slot in Sideshow, a project at Gallery Primo Alonso on Hackney Road is this week - September 18th-21st.

Also occurring this weekend is Decorex, the interior design tradeshow. Fromental will be taking a stand at the show and to highlight the possibilities that their handmade wallpaper presents they have been working on a collaborative piece with William Warbrick. The classic American walnut tallboy that Will has created showcases the gold leafed chinoiserie wallpaper of Fromental's new collection.

Lastly . . . there is a side project to this blog. Behind Closed Doors is a Q & A structure directed at Great Western Studios artists for those who want to know more about the people based at the studios (and also those who have since moved away from the building). It is updated with 3 new artists every week.



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