Borderlines by Margarita Trushina

Private View: Tues 17th Dec 2014
Exhibition runs: Wed 17th Dec to Sat 4th Jan 2015
Location: Gallery

Margarita Trushina’s latest sculptural and photographic series explores how humanity perceives and experiences our environment and its physical and metaphysical lines and boundaries. As in her previous series, Margarita  employs the methodology of insinuating meaning through contrasting the artificial and the organic, and bringing to surface the underlying tensions between these opposites.

Margarita’s diverse work questions and  re-thinks existing forms of representation and organisation, and seeks to explore alternative ways of addressing the conventions and categories relating to our surroundings.

The series, uninhabited yet implying human presence, intimates an underlying shared narrative cleaving the individual works together. Through the interweaving of the real and the constructed, the works become gateways to make-believe worlds, invoking Trushina’sunderlying interest in storytelling.

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17 December 2014