Craster’s New Breakfast Display System

Innovative solutions to elevate your breakfast display with Craster‘s new glass jars and hardwood lids, each designed to fit seamlessly with our Tilt risers. With turned walnut lids sitting effortlessly on the edges for one handed serving, these 3 litre jars are the perfect solution for elegant cereal display.

Variable heights
Each jar fits seamlessly with 3 heights of Tilt riser in both stainless steel and black, creating a visually appealing multi-height display.

Ease of operation
Designed to allow for ease of use, the walnut lids include a durable steel disc fitting, resting elegantly on the edge of each jar.

Multifunctional use
Perfect as a high-end cereal solution, the jars work equally well for dried fruits or cookies, and even as part of a drinks station displaying fresh fruits and ice

Found in:
28 August 2019