Meditation and Breathwork with Emma Ball

Her guided meditation with breathwork will naturally yield some meditative presence. Often we take our breathing for granted. My unique style involves using the breath to finally tune an orchestra of events in the body consisting of chemicals, emotions, feelings, energy, vibration and frequency to relax the mind, improve focus, calm the nervous system and boost immunity.

Benefits of Breathwork

-Breath work … “Each breath is like a little rebirth, a renaissance that can only be celebrated if we recognise that it’s happening” … Cristen Rodgers”

-Chakra energy cleanse

Keeping your energy flowing through clear and unobstructed pathways is crucial to experience vitality, high energy levels, and a healthy appetite for life. Blocked chakra stops the flow of energy, affecting you both psychologically and emotionally.

We also feel that we don’t have enough time to invest in ourselves or the practices that nourish us.  I believe you really don’t have enough time NOT to. If you DO you will be more efficient, get more done, be focused, tune into what’s truly important to you, and align with your inspirations.

Emma likes to align to meditation and breathwork in the spirit of “we get to do this”, is the mind set I encourage you to adopt

– Nothing changes unless, you embrace change

When we are tired, stressed or running on empty physically,  mentally and emotionally, pushing on and on is not going to create inspiration, or creative ideas and solutions.

We are not at our best.

So just like a deep good night sleep provide rest, so does meditation it supports and creates a “charge” a balancing charge of life force energy, a calm, clear perspective.

When our being is balanced,  our energy is full,  effective and juiced up full of momentum and  passion to be purposeful.

Emma will be hosting another session for GWS studio holders on May 18th on the occasion of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Evolve … Align … Lead … from an empowered state.


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27 April 2023