Notes on colour
Prints by Sophie Smallhorn

3rd – 29th October 2011
Private View: 11th October
Location: Gallery & Project Space

Sophie Smallhorn has been described as ‘a colour alchemist’ by Building Design Magazine for her famed colour work on the Olympic Stadium.  The prints she is working on for her October show at Great Western Studios, get her back in the studio. Mixing, playing and taking risks with colour and form, the work is both classical and sharp. Although maintained in a formal 400 x 400mm square the varying colour and form are a story of combinations unfolding as brilliant experiments and cool juxtapositions.

This show will be a unique opportunity to see work by an artist renown for her public commissions: including for Commes des Garçon, Canary Wharf, Goodwood Sculpture Park, the City Academy in Nottingham and creating colour scapes for public places.

Sophie Smallhorn was born in 1971 and is an artist and consultant. She exhibits internationally and is commissioned by both private and corporate clients.  This year she showed at Collect at the Saatchi Gallery in collaboration with designer Sebastian Bergne. She is working on a glass canopy for a new building in Victoria and has just finished a 21 colour mural on the exterior of a private house in Basel, Switzerland. All her work explores the relationships between colour, volume and proportion. Sophie currently lives and works in London

Sophie Smallhorn’s prints are a quotidian, back to basics thought process on her preoccupation in the delights of colour. This is a unique return to fundamentals, come and enjoy a tour de force in colour and form.

Sophie Smallhorn

Sophie Smallhorn

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11 October 2011