Domino Communications

studio: 7
instagram: @dominocommunications

Domino Communications was launched in 2011 by Lucy Francis, a premium drinks PR agency that’s fuelled by a passion to celebrate the true spirit of brands and genuine point of difference. Working closely with the client to distil their core messaging and creatively translate this to the media. From digital communications and media relations to tailored brand events, each campaign is treated afresh, using a straight talking approach and professional demeanour. Services include PR, marketing, social media and brand consultancy.

Domino Communications’ clients include Crystal Head Vodka founded by actor Dan Aykroyd, luxury Irish whiskey producer Egan’s, the inaugural limited-edition rum portfolio by Jung & Wulff and The Craft Rum Club home subscription service as well as BrewDog Distilling Co. Seignette VS Cognac, Regal Rogue Vermouth and Three Spirit non-alcoholic elixirs.