Bethan Gray

studio: 109

Bethan Gray, an award winning Welsh designer, has an extraordinary background. Her family hails from an ancient Rajasthani clan that over centuries migrated across Arabia and Persia before settling in the Celtic heartland of Wales. It’s a heritage that weaves a rich pattern of influences and inspirations, which draw on craft traditions of both East and West. Bethan’s signature style reveals a love of detail, tactile textures, and luxurious materials such as semi-precious stones, marble, wood, and hand-tooled leather. Intricate patterns of light and dark, texture, purity of line, clarity, harmony and a connoisseur’s eye for detail define her highly original style. Her skill in combining cutting edge design technology with a deep knowledge of the values of traditional craftsmanship resonates across cultures.

Given Bethan’s warm and inclusive personality, collaboration is at the core of her practice. She designs best-selling collections and high-profile pieces for global retailers and brands, and her exquisite Private Collections can be seen in some of the world’s most prestigious stores, including Lane Crawford, Liberty and Harrods. She is featured extensively in the media and has exhibited in London, Milan, Paris and New York. Her work was recently recognised with the prestigious award of ‘Best British Designer’ in 2013/14.






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