Christmas Gathering at Great Western Studios

Christmas Gathering at GWS is always a good idea. 2022 has been a remarkable year, but here at GWS we think that 2023 will be even better!

In 2022, we welcomed 24 new studio holders with various profiles – professional services, casting, fashion, photography, sculpture, architecture and so much more. We welcomed 4 new members to the GWS team, each one of them with different backgrounds with many different virtues. We organised 5 successful events, to which more than 100 studio holders were part of them.

To celebrate Christmas and the New Year, we organised the annual Christmas Gathering. Canapes were eaten, pictures were taken, and chocolate was flowing. We want to thank our studio holders who could join us at the Christmas gathering to wrap up another wonderful year here at GWS. From our GWS family to yours, merry Christmas and happy New Year. Remember, GWS is open for the entirety of the Christmas period, 24 hours a day.

A huge thank you to our studio holders Akta Photography for capturing every special moment and Arthur Jeffes for the spectacular performance during the night. A special thank you to Bidfood for delicious canapes.

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1 January 2023