Clothing Swap for Earth Day

GWS x Marble Ldn hosted the clothing swap for Earth Day.

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than giving a second chance to preloved items (bags, shoes, and accessories).

The event took place two days (April 19th, and April 20th) from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Studio holders had the chance to bring their clothes at our building, where everything was arranged in rails and boxes. On the date of the event, studio holders had the chance to get every item they wanted for free. All the remaining stock will be donated to a Charity Fundraiser.

We organised this event to make sure our studio holders refresh their wardrobe while saving the planet. Studio holders also had the chance to donate money which we donated to Women’s Aid.

By organising this event, we managed to save 165 clothing items, and raise a symbolic amount of money for Women’s Aid. Thank you to everyone who was part of it. Together for Earth!

A special thank you to our studio holder Akta Photography for capturing these special moments.


  • Every year the fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic metres of water — enough to meet the consumption needs of 5 million people
  • Buying one new white cotton shirt produces the same emissions as driving a car for 35 miles
  • It takes 3,781 litres of water to make a pair of jeans, from the production of the cotton to the delivery of the final product to the store. That is equal to the emission of around 33.4 kilograms of CO2 equivalent
  • Of the total fibre input used for clothing, 87 % is incinerated or disposed of in a landfill. Each week 11 million garments end up in landfill in the UK
  • Every year a half a million tonnes of plastic microfibers are dumped into the ocean, the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. These microplastics end up in our food because they can’t be extracted from water
  • More than 2 tonnes of clothing are bought each minute in the UK
  • The average adult spends £27 a month in fast fashion outlets and currently owns 2 items which remain unworn


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24 April 2023