Falls the Shadow – a collaboration

Exhibition runs 20th – 27th June 2012
Private view 21st June
Location: Gallery & Project Space

“Between the conception and the creation… Falls the shadow” 
T.S. Eliot

An exhibition of the new work by jeweller Melissa Hunt and mosaic artist Catherine Parkinson exploring the relationship between form and shadow. Both artists will be exhibiting work they have made individually, alongside a collection of innovative pieces which combine mosaic and metals.

Melissa Hunt

Melissa uses the method of photo-etching to depict both the permanent and the fleeting, from architecture to plants and insects. Although traditionally trained and now a practicing jeweller and tutor, Melissa also explores the properties of metals and gemstones in her work by repeating and reviewing such techniques as hand piercing rollerprinting, inlay, enamelling and the addition of gold foil until the desired finish is achieved. An understanding of the potential and limitations of the materials as well as the order in which a piece is fabricated is as important as the resulting appearance.

This joint exhibition is a long-awaited opportunity to include the use of magnets, spacers and hanging mechanisms into Melissa’s work to investigate shadows and reflections, allowing the viewers interactivity with the pieces.

Catherine Parkinson

Closely observed and recorded patterns of nature are a recurrent inspiration for the piecing together of Catherine’s mosaics. The mosaic medium can give an image a depth and solidity that cannot be achieved in any other art form. Sometimes the work is resolved in an abstract manner, other pieces grow into a recognisable scene or still life.

The raw materials used in some of Catherine’s mosaics: old china, found fragments, stones and fossils, have a patina that reflects their history. Often the seeking out of the materials, some of it a deliberate quest and some chanced upon, is as important as making the work itself. A single piece can be a starting point for a new mosaic work.

The juxtaposition of diverse materials and colours is an on going preoccupation. Catherine’s recent work combines painted areas with mosaic, reflecting the contrasting nature of form and shadow.


melissa hunt

Catherine Parkinson

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21 June 2012