RaspberryPlum donate stock to the Novak Djokovic Charity

Studio holder RaspberryPlum has just donated £70,000 worth of past season stock to the Novak Djokovic charity. How great is that!

The Novak Djokovic Foundation develops early childhood education projects in Serbia. They enable kids from underprivileged areas to learn and play in a safe, creative, and nurturing environment. They also train and empower teachers, and build and create self-sustaining schools and programmes. Importantly, they also educate parents. Because of the charity, the children learn to love and respect themselves, others, and the world they live in. ‘Champions are not born. They are nurtured, encouraged, educated, and loved. We at the NDF never forget what it takes to create a champion.’

Studio holder RaspberryPlum‘s ready to wear collection is made in Serbia by small, independent businesses. The clothing industry there was once thriving and has suffered hugely because of political turmoil. It is RaspberryPlum’s aim to re-establish and promote the industry. They want every member of RaspberryPlum to love being part of their team, to enjoy their work and to feel appreciated. They also work directly with the foundation to promote their message and give them more visibility.

Novak Djokovic talking to children from Novak Djokovic charity

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22 February 2021