RaspberryPlum have launched their beautiful SS20 collection

RaspberryPlum have recently launched their SS20 line, a collection which embodies the zeitgeist of our times. Inspired by the blend of artist Paul Klee, who was the pioneer of the Bauhaus movement; combined with the counterculture movement of the 1960s and 70s. These were times that represented a period of great change and disruption. In the dawn of this new decade, we too are living in a time of rapid change – politically, socially and environmentally. Our future generation will challenge the status quo. So RaspberryPlum believe in empowering children to care for the world beyond themselves, stand up for what they believe in and express themselves to make our future a brighter place.
In addition, RaspberryPlum are working regularly with Novak Djokovic Foundation, donating their old stock so it can be given to children who need it most in Serbia.

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28 February 2020