RaspberryPlum ss17 collection

RaspberryPlum have dropped their ss17 collection and it’s adorable.

This season the collection took its inspiration from a few different sources, which are closely connected. The stock character Pierrot, and his large frill collars, oversized buttons, frills and wide culottes have inspired the shapes of the ss17 range.

The collection features strong graphic images which have been influenced by the outlandish costumes of theatre of Bauhaus and the Modern and Postmodern stage of Oskar Schlemmer. They also looked the work of one of the leading album and book cover designers of the 20th century Neil Fujita. As with previous seasons They kept the colours soft and summery; lilac, nude, soft orange, citrus yellow, pastel green and denim blue. Some of the colours intentionally looking almost sun bleached. The colours were influenced by the pallet of the sketched for the costumes of Triadic Ballet by Oskar Schlemmer.

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Found in:
10 March 2017