SAVOIA Americano launches in the US Market through an exclusive partnership with Eataly

SAVOIA Americano Rosso, the new vino aperitivo by Italian drinks innovator Giuseppe Gallo, lands in the United States of America.

SAVOIA Americano launches in Eataly Flatiron in Manhattan, New York. Eataly, same as SAVOIA, was born in Torino from Italian entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti. Eataly stands for ‘Eating Italian’, which encompasses the history and the food culture of Italy very much like Savoia is doing in the beverage industry.

Starting from December 8th, SAVOIA Americano will be available exclusively at Eataly Flatiron, both for retail as well as at Serra rooftop restaurant, with a dedicated Menu of Italian-inspired aperitivo cocktails.

SAVOIA is available in over ten countries in Europe. Having already won multiple awards both for its delicious liquid and contemporary design, Savoia is the new aperitivo to watch in 2023.

SAVOIA Americano pays homage to its Italian heritage, with the name coming from the ancient royal family, the Royal House of Savoia, that unified Italy in the 1860s to be as we know it today. Savoia brings together three different traditions of Italian drinking in one glass: the Vermouth from Torino, the Bitter from Milano, and the Marsala Fine DOC Fortified Wine from Sicilia.

SAVOIA was created with the aim to revitalise the Americano aperitif wine category and represents a perfect mid-point between bitters liquor and red vermouth, capturing both styles in one bottle – the bitter (“amaro”) and sweet vermouth (“dolce”).

With exceptional and predominantly Italian ingredients, Savoia Americano is inspired by an authentic recipe that dates back to circa 1897, “Bitter di Milano”. It is certified vegan, 100% natural and has significantly less sugar than other red bitters or vermouths on the market. It is the first of its kind to use the 14-months oak-aged DOC Marsala Fine wine adding to its unique flavour.

Balancing its fiercely Italian heritage with a modern twist on a classic category, it’s aimed squarely at premium bars, restaurants and hotels.

The brand will be available in NY state through Panebianco Wines, a premium wine-focused distributor, with coverage of the states of New York and New Jersey, bringing a selection of fine Italian beverages to the East Coast.

Purchase online at Eataly Vino New York.

savoia americano now in the us

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7 December 2022