Wellness: Online Meditation Course with Debi

The IAM20 – (Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique®) is a non-religious meditation technique that consists of body, mindfulness, breathing and visualisation exercises. Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) developed this form of meditation to help integrate the mind, body and spirit. It helps reduce anxiety and build resilience, promoting peace, relaxation and happiness.

The aim is that everyone – regardless of experience – can meditate independently for about 20 minutes.

All you need is a cushion and space to lie down with arms outstretched.

The course is live on Zoom – a total of 3 hours divided into 2 sessions of 90 mins each. Teachers offer their time voluntarily, we only ask for a commitment to a personal practice for 21 days (completed on your own) and are extremely grateful for any donations to our UN registered charity.

Debi Ani (Studio 6) has practised IAM for almost 17 years and shares the teaching because its benefits in both her creative and personal life are unquantifiable.

Please contact Debi for more info: debi@orodesign.co.uk

Found in:
3 April 2020