What3Words partner with Ford

Ford have announced that millions of their drivers around the world will now be able to use what3words location technology. The partnership means that drivers can enter precise 3 word destinations by voice or text, easier, faster and with fewer errors. It also enables them to navigate to any spot on the planet; including those without an address. Whether it’s meeting friends for a tailgate party at a particular parking place, finding the perfect scenic viewpoint, dropping the kids off at the right side of the football pitch, or making a delivery to the specific entrance on an industrial complex, Ford drivers will now be able to navigate with precision – by using just three simple words.

Designed for voice input, what3words is an innovative global addressing system that’s divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each a unique 3 word address – made of three dictionary words. ///filled.count.soap, for example, will take you to the specific front entrance of Great Western Studios. The system is available in 26 languages, works offline and has built-in error prevention so the driver doesn’t end up at the wrong place.


Found in:
8 March 2019