1:1 Inside Design with Pearson Lloyd

Exhibition runs: 13th – 23rd Sept 2013
Talk with Suzanne Trocme: 12th Sept
Private view: 12th Sept
Location: Gallery & Project space

The fourth in the series of Inside Design exhibitions within Great Western Studios, exploring work from a range of leading designers. As part of London Design festival, PearsonLloyd – award winning product designers, will demonstrate how objects affect space and the way people inhabit it.

1:1 is an exhibition about industrial design in the making, the thought processes behind finding interesting solutions and the formidable reality of the finished product. PearsonLloyd are award winning industrial designers who are renown for their thoughtful design solutions for spaces including airplanes, city scapes, offices and even hospitals. They are increasingly interested in how people can live, travel, work and inhabit cities together more fruitfully?

Their Inside Design exhibition will express a personal reflection on the  projects that they have been involved in and the ideas that interest them. New designs experiments, from accessories to speculations in the manipulation of space will be presented around the theme of 1 to 1, asking questions around the nature of production and the realities of life as a shared experience.

With their wealth of design experience, PearsonLloyd look at how our environment can be improved by the things that surround us, whether that is wayfinding in Westfield, A&E signage to prevent violence, a bed on an airplane or the creation of a chair that really works. They are passionate about the craft of industrial design and making it work for a shared experience in our communal life.

Furniture design is central to PearsonLloyd’s practice, The studio celebrates the restrictions imposed by industry and seek solutions that work both for the client and the user. This exhibition will highlight the wide and varied ways in which Industrial Design and design in general is not only part of our lives but can also benefit our living experience.

Pearson Lloyd

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12 September 2013