Welldoing workshops

Workshop: Sat 25th May 2013
Location: Gallery & Project Space

Executive coach Chantal de Gaudio, and Mindful Productivity coach Michael Townsend Williams have combined their skills to create a new program called WELLDOING – WELLBEING FOR PEOPLE WHO DO.

This working session gives you an opportunity to clarify where you are at in your life and how to make your ambitions attainable now.

Participants will leave with a stronger awareness of themselves, new tools that can be used in every day life and a defined bespoke plan of what to do next.

This workshop is for successful people who find themselves stuck in old habits and patterns and have a desire to break free and create a new way of being.

This is a one off discounted Great Western Studios promotion, so book now and take advantage of this juicy offer at www.welldoing.co.uk

Welldoing workshops  

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25 May 2013