‘Written in the Sand’
A film, hats and a journey around Qatar by Pip Hackett

3rd – 18th November 2011
Private view Thursday 3rd November, Film screening at 7.30pm
Location: Gallery & Project Space

This November Great Western Studios will celebrate the exceptional milliner Pip Hackett. Come to an evening of film and photographs – with our GWS vintage usherettes: Popcorn Girl and Cupcake Girl – while Storm models show off Pip’s fabulous hats.

She will be showing a film of her travels in Qatar, where she learnt about its history, talked to people about costume and clothes, and gained inspiration from the landscape. She uncovered the story of the country’s traditional costumes – from the female abaya (black cloak) to the male thaub (white robe).

Through new eyes she examines the heritage of the country.  Everything from the multifaceted sky-line to ancient architecture was inspiration for Pip’s own designs. Pip looked at how traditional clothes were made, how people wear clothes in Qatar – she believes that clothing makes a person.

This journey culminated in the creation of a millinery collection called “Written in the Sand”. A collection of hats, photographs and a montage of images, which was shown at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and will be shown at GWS this November.

Serious Pictures produced the film and it was broadcast on television in the Middle East and also shown on the infamous airline, Qatar Airways on over a million flights around the world culminating on fan mail from across the globe!

Pip’s hats have graced catwalks all over the world. Each hat, Pip sees as a ‘walking work of art’. This film and the hat collection is a tribute to Qatar and a way of life.

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Pip Hackett

Pip Hackett

Pip Hackett

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